Who We Are | BC Berry Farms

Who We Are

BC Berry Farms is a family-owned and operated farm with a deep history. For over three generations, the Samra family has been at the heart of this farm, providing careful and committed care to every single blueberry. Today, Sulinder and Hardeep Samra are the faces behind the farm, ensuring that every berry is given the attention it deserves.

From late June to August each summer, our travels take us across British Columbia and Alberta. We aim to bring communities the freshest, most flavorful blueberries possible. It's our promise to you - our quality and freshness are second to none, ensuring that you always get the best berries we have to offer.

Experience the difference with every bite of our blueberries. Let's make your summer unforgettable with BC Berry Farms' fresh blueberries.

Furthermore, we believe in more than just providing quality berries. We're proud to be a part of the community and work hard to make a positive impact. We do this by creating meaningful relationships with our customers, engaging in sustainable farming practices, and actively supporting local initiatives. With every berry you enjoy, know that you're supporting a farm that cares about its community as much as its produce.

Sulinder and Hardeep Samra in front of the farm